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Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.16.03 PMUdemy Courses Back Online!

I am completely amazed that I am able to write this post, but WE WON!

Background: previously sent an email to me cancelling the online courses I had built on their platform, stating I was in violation of there policy.  The truth was I violated no such policy, and after a Facebook and email campaign announcing this anti-gun action, my readers and followers (you!) took action.

Because of the relentless emails and communication from YOU, the Udemy team has decided to reverse their ill thought out policy decision and will be allowing the Defensive Handgun Level 1 and Defensive Rifle Level 1 courses back online!

Of course their initial decision was flawed and did not even follow their own policy, and now they have decided to reverse it.

This is absolutely because of each of you that sent an email and followed up with them. We need to learn from this and continue to band together as a group of like minded individuals that will not stand for any person or company infringing on our basic rights.

I thank you for standing with me in support of our fundamental rights!!

This is the email I got reversing their decision:

Hi Michael,
We wanted to get in touch about your courses on Udemy. We’ve taken a closer look at them and have found that our current set of policies didn’t adequately address your course topic area.
While we don’t allow “violent” courses as per our policy on Restricted Topics, we realized that we needed to further clarify this policy.
Moving forward, we will allow courses that discuss weapons when:
The course is educational
The weapons can be used legally, offensively, and defensively
The course is focused on using weapons in a defensive manner
When there is a course that teaches students how to use weapons in an offensive manner, or teaches students how to use weapons that can only be used offensively, we will not allow these courses.
In this case, we believe that the “Defensive Handgun Training” and “Defensive Rifle Training” courses teach students how to use a weapon in a defensive and safe manner, and we will allow the courses back on the platform.
We appreciate you reaching out to us to help us clarify our policy.
Kind regards,

As before, I urge you to email Julie at her contact address of and thank her and the Udemy company for having the integrity to listen to you as a customer base. I think they deserve that.

For those that were dis-enrolled, the courses are not back online.

And as a thank you for anyone who stood with me and want to enroll in a course, get 50% off by clicking either of the links below!!

Take Defensive Handgun Level 1
Take Defensive Rifle Level 1

Once again thank you for standing with me!

Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S.

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