Check out the Chatanika Ironman Steel Match

Hey shooters!  If you want to watch the process of a full match from start to finish, and my comments and tips, please check out my youtube page! I would love feedback and whether or not you want more of this!   Until Then- Train Hard! Mike S.

One on One Conversation With Eric Grauffel – One Of The Best Shooters In The World

Greetings folks!   One of the things that I always like to do is to analyze what the best of the best are doing in their practice and skill development so that us mere mortals can hope to replicate those concepts and apply them in our own training.   This article is … Continue reading

How To Become A 3-Gun Competitor On 15 Minutes a Day And A Shoestring Budget

Ok, this one is straight from the Facebook post that I asked for blog suggestions.   Thanks to J.M. for this one!   Now, full disclosure on this one…I’m not a 3-gun specialist, I shoot primarily handgun competitions.   My hopes is that the corresponding post on my Facebook will … Continue reading