The Differences (and Similarities) Between Training to Fight and Training to Compete

This request comes directly from Todd L. Green, a friend of mine for years who is an incredible shooter, instructor, and keenly analytical individual that always looks at shooting related training in a unique manner.  So in this post I will explore the difference, as well as the unique similarities … Continue reading

How To Become A 3-Gun Competitor On 15 Minutes a Day And A Shoestring Budget

Ok, this one is straight from the Facebook post that I asked for blog suggestions.   Thanks to J.M. for this one!   Now, full disclosure on this one…I’m not a 3-gun specialist, I shoot primarily handgun competitions.   My hopes is that the corresponding post on my Facebook will … Continue reading

Quick Tip: Pressure

I recently found some interesting notes from a major match.   I wrote them mid-match and reflected on my performance.   I am going to actually copy what I wrote word for word except for a couple spelling corrections in this blog.   There are a couple revelations I noted, … Continue reading