How To Become A 3-Gun Competitor On 15 Minutes a Day And A Shoestring Budget

Ok, this one is straight from the Facebook post that I asked for blog suggestions.   Thanks to J.M. for this one!   Now, full disclosure on this one…I’m not a 3-gun specialist, I shoot primarily handgun competitions.   My hopes is that the corresponding post on my Facebook will … Continue reading

Want To Be Better Competitive Shooter? Ten Things You Can Do Right Now!

Ok, let me get right to the point.  I want to throw a challenge out.   We have something in common, and that is the both of us (unless you chanced upon my blog by accident) probably want you to be a better shooter.  You want it because what kind … Continue reading

Shooting-Performance Training Drill Prep Blog

In the very next blog I will be taking some of the drills found in my book Your Defensive Handgun Training Program and blogging about them.   But first, this blog will cover the basics about the drills (stuff you need to know if you don’t have my book!) Live … Continue reading