Low Light Flashlight Shooting – Old School vs. New School

Ok- I admit that title was designed to suck the old warriors in as well as the new.   The term “old school” applies to me as well so I can use it!   I admit I learned everything I know from the “old school” warriors that taught in numerous … Continue reading

“Try” versus “Do”

So I finally got it.   I am an avid reader and researcher of tips, phrases, thought processes, etc. that will help me be better at what I do in life.   But for years I did not get it.   My best buddy “Rick” joked about it all the … Continue reading

Check out the Chatanika Ironman Steel Match

Hey shooters!  If you want to watch the process of a full match from start to finish, and my comments and tips, please check out my youtube page! I would love feedback and whether or not you want more of this! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkg3VEVfSCmOTXzn7_tOLBg   Until Then- Train Hard! Mike S.