Between The Berms: Back Up At S&W

Reprint from: FEATURE Between The Berms: Back Up At S&W This past weekend Smith & Wesson hosted the second annual IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals. Since S&W partnered with IDPA to elevate the back up gun match format to a national title level, the concept has taken hold among … Continue reading

“Try” versus “Do”

So I finally got it.   I am an avid reader and researcher of tips, phrases, thought processes, etc. that will help me be better at what I do in life.   But for years I did not get it.   My best buddy “Rick” joked about it all the … Continue reading

How do you objectively analyze your match performances for guaranteed improvement?

If you’re sick of the voodoo surrounding you match performances and difficulty of figuring out how to better connect your training sessions with matches, then this blog is for you.   Trust me, I get you.   You train hard, dedicate your hard earned $$ and time to buying components … Continue reading