New! Interactive, Online Defensive Handgun Training Program

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April 2015

New Online Interactive Training!

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For the first time ever we have launched an online course that is a comprehensive training program tailored for those who want to train at their own pace, and from the comfort of their own home and home range.

This course contains all the necessary tools that you need to greatly enhance your skill.

Composed of thirty one video and Ebook lectures, one quiz, and a final skill test that is all printable, this course is the one you have been asking for!

Often times is is very difficult for a student to travel to the locations classes are being held, which is time consuming and expensive. This course solves that problems and offers nearly the same experience, and includes weekly interaction with Mike Seeklander, the instructor.

Have you considered taking a class but prefer to do it at your own pace? This course is for you! Some of you might not feel like you are ready to take a two day intensive course, and would rather train from your home and local range. This course gives you that ability! How about the husband and wife team or similar that want to learn handgun skills together at their speed, once again a perfect fit!

Defensive Handgun Level 1 is the cutting edge functional training program for developing skills needed to survive a high stress encounter while using a handgun. It was designed for concealed carry holders in mind, yet fits all those that carry a handgun for tactical or defensive purposes.

Originally the program was offered in the form of a 300+ page book and two DVD’s that the user had to follow on their own, with no instructor interaction. Now you can access this same information online with all of the content downloadable (Ebook, Video material, streamlined format and guidance) from home!

While there are dozens of tactical handgun books and programs out there with great material, most do not address the “how to train” questions. This one not only addresses it, but guides you every step of the way!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 7.45.58 PMOnce again, this program is broken down into video lectures that include both dry fire drills you can use from home, and live fire drills for the range. In addition you will get a full downloadable and printable Ebook that covers every single detail of the program (and is required for certain assignments). The live fire drills in the program are downloadable, so you can use them at the range if you need to.

The unique thing about this program is the interactive approach to the online content, and for the first time ever you will get to interact with Mike each week in an online meeting (you will get a link while you are attending the course) for your questions about and feedback along the way.

What you get with the course:

  • Online video lectures that take you step by step through gear selection, mental and physical preparation, technique, and the self-paced training drills.
  • A downloadable and printable training manual (Ebook) that contains over 300 pages of easy to follow material.
  • Weekly interaction with Mike Seeklander, course instructor. This includes online meetings, course interaction, and Q&A’s scheduled at various times to fit your schedule.
  • Access to the online training group (closed group) on Facebook for course interaction.
  • A course graduation certificate signed by Mike (the exact same one you would get if you graduated his full two-day program (as well as one from the online platform). *note course must be completed in full*
  • An Alumni Wristband and T-shirt!

The course is live now! For a limited time only I am offering this course for $100 off the temporary discounted price of $295!
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Order here: Defensive Handgun Level 1 Online Training Course or use code “shootfaster” for $100 off in the next 72 hours!

Until Then – Train Hard! 

Mike S. 

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