Introducing the Small Group Training Program!

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Introducing the Small Group Training Program!

Course Name:  Small Group Training Program (S.G.T.P) – 4 students

Course Length: 4 hours-2 Days (variable length)

Course Cost (four students) per person

  • 4-hour: $125 + applicable range fees
  • 1-day: $215 + applicable range fees
  • 2-day: $400 + applicable range fees


    A completely customizable approach to training and improving your skill! Select your subject, class length, and date and begin.

Course Description: Whether you are a concealed carry holder who wants to take the next step in improving, or a competition shooter wishing to take your game to the next level, the S.G.T.P. is for you. This revolutionary approach to training is based on numerous requests for a customizable, small group classes. The key to learning is quality instruction and attention to detail. The problem is that most students attend a class at different skill levels, and even with segmented classes, such as the S-P Level 1, 2 programs, sometimes a student is either more advanced or less advanced than the group. This causes them to either fall behind the material or feel like they could have accomplished more in the class. This new program fixes that!   Sick of being stuck at your current level? Gather three shooting buddies for a competition block that will push you.   Want to really guarantee the safety of yourself and family? Take a defensive block of instruction that will give you the confidence you deserve.

Features and Benefits:

  • Four students. This ensures maximum benefit.
  • Offered in the Tulsa and surrounding area (within 90 miles)
  • Subject matter is selected by the group and completely customizable.
  • Blocks of instruction are offered in varying lengths to accommodate your schedule.

To Schedule a Small Group Training Program Session:

  • Gather your group (four shooting buddies, two couples, etc.)
  • Select your subject and desired weapon platform:
    • Defensive or Competitive
    • Handgun, Rifle, Shotgun
  • Select the length of the program (4, 8, or 16-hours) Note: 4-8 hours recommended.
  • Email your request to:

Or find a class near you:

Until Then – Train Hard! 

Mike S. 

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