Force Multiplier Challenge

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Originally posted: October 2014, in the Shooting-Performance newsletter.   As I post this, the news is covering the Canada shooting (possible terrorism).   Please join me in making our country safer!

Force Multiplier Challenge

My Challenge to You

[cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Join me as an armed and willing Force Multiplier![/cryout-button-color]

Do you carry a gun? Do you train with it? If you have your carry permit, have you made the commitment to actually learning how operate it well enough where you can save yourself or others if needed?  A key point I made in a recent blog: “Let’s get right to the crux of it – if you’re going to be in a gunfight and want to win, you must have a gun.” “But the truth is that even those of the population that have taken the time to get their concealed carry permits rarely carry a gun routinely. I have heard less than one percent! Really? I could not find verification of that number, but even if it is close to correct I am very disappointed.”

In a day when you can watch the news and see violence like the recent beheading in Oklahoma, most adults that can legally go armed rarely do. Those that decided to get there concealed carry permit often times never follow up and routinely carry or keep a gun near them. And most of those that do carry or keep one near them fail to train with it properly.

Just like with a car, successfully operating a gun under stress takes practice.   Commit to it!

Just like with a car, successfully operating a gun under stress takes practice. Commit to it!

Imagine going to get your driver’s license as a young adult, then never driving a car (practicing). Now imagine getting into that car and trying to manage the vehicle at speeds of 100 mph or more in a high stress situation. Think you would be successful? Of course not! Why do the same with your carry gun, the one you probably have locked up in your safe or worse, your glovebox?? How can you expect to be prepared if you never practice with it?
The truth is I am completely sick of innocent people becoming victims of the violence that is a part of our society. Who is the enemy? Does it really matter? You can say it is the newly emerging violent ISIS or its followers that promise to bring Jihad to the U.S. (they already have), or maybe the violent gang member who is initiated by killing you, or the serial rapists and murderers that lurk the area you live, or even the mass murderers who target schools and malls. Who the threat is does not matter. The only thing that matters is that you realize it exists. It always has! Accept that and prepare for it. You have a very high statistical chance of meeting that bad person sometime in your life. They will not hesitate to take your life.

Consider this your personal challenge from me. I want each of you to help me in building up a force multiplier of thousands of well-trained and legally armed citizens of the U.S. To do that you will need to make the decision to go armed, and get trained. As a U.S. Citizen, going armed is your right. However, being prepared (trained) is your responsibility. I can help with that, and much of what I offer is free.

The tools below, specifically the products I sell, have never been discounted like this before (30% off!). Why now? Because I want to take every excuse you have away from you. I want to motivate you to take action. Even if you don’t purchase anything, please at least visit my blog and Youtube page, read the free information and watch the free videos. Then use the information and act on it, and join me as a willing, armed, trained, FORCE MULTIPLIER!

Your action steps:

  1. Commit to becoming part of the solution, and join me as an armed force-multiplier.
  2. Visit my blog for free articles that will increase your knowledge and abilities.
  3. Use the discount code to order my book and begin your training program. (300+ pages)
  4. I strongly recommend the DVD’s that accompany the book, especially if you are less experienced. Use the discount code and order them!
  5. Begin your training program and keep me posted on how you are doing!
  6. Join me in a class next year if at all possible. Can’t afford it? Email me and we’ll work something out.
  7. SHARE this email, blog, and information. Invite others to join our force-multiplier challenge.

If you simply do steps 1 and 2 and nothing else, you might help make a difference if that day ever comes!   And one more thing, I am offering the training products I sell at deeply discounted rates below, but if you can legitimately convince me you cannot afford them, I will help get the information into your hands even if I have to give it to you for free (you pay the shipping).   I am putting my money (or losing it!) where my mouth is.   PLEASE be part of this force multiplier.

Free(Blog) and Deeply Discounted Resources follow

Your Defensive Handgun Training Program (the book)

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Get the full training program and prepare yourself!

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Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S.

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