Ask And You Shall Receive

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Thank for reading!  See you on the range.

Thank for reading! See you on the range.

This one will be short.   [cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]I am asking for help.[/cryout-button-color]   There are a couple thousand of you that actively read, follow, and engage on the Shooting-Performance blog.   I have over 100 FREE articles on gear, guns, and mostly on training your body, mind, and spirit to excel in either competitive shooting or defensive skill-sets.   I have gotten tremendous feedback on this blog, and plan to continue to add more and more useful information.

What I want from you: I want your feedback, and stamp of approval.

I am going to say this bluntly- There is a ridiculous amount of information on the internet these days, most of which is complete garbage.   I don’t say that without knowing I might hurt someones feelings.   Don’t get me wrong, there is also some really good stuff, but most is crap.   I used to read everything and everything I could get my hands on in order to improve (and I am not just talking about shooting stuff), but recently I have realized that if I do not validate and trust the source, I am probably wasting my precious time.   I hope you realize that most, if not all of what I offer is high quality information that is directly applicable to you.

Word of mouth is the single best way to share a product or service, because it means that you trust who you are promoting. I would respectfully ask you to do two things for me if you find value in this blog:

  1. Share with 3-5 or more of your friends that might benefit from the information, and if you would post the web address on your social media I would be very appreciative.
  2. Give me feedback on what you need from this blog.   I could write on a million things that I like or want to explore, but the reality is that what you want is what matters.   Please email, post comments on this article, or find a way to tell me what you want!!

I thank you for reading and following, and will do my best to improve and give you what you request!

Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S. 


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