The Concealed Carry Trap

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A concealed carry class recently graduated at U.S. Shooting Academy (USSA) here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 20 students were armed with the knowledge and legal right to apply for their permit and carry a gun. The scary news is that the state now labeled those individuals as “ready” to carry a firearm full-time for self-defense purposes, without any more than about an hour on the range doing live-fire exercises. But the fact is that if those students don’t have any other training or experience, they will likely be at high risk of making a mistake that could cost them their life or the life of another human being.

That is the trap! Unfortunately, most students who graduate from a concealed carry course don’t know what they don’t know. Thinking that a carry class will prepare them for lethal combat on the street is a dangerous mistake to make. You may be asking, then why did you let them graduate from the class? The answer is that USSA and most other training institutions in Oklahoma and many other states do NOT control the Concealed Carry curriculum. Even though we know the course is inadequate in terms of teaching true self-defense, our state mandates we teach it exactly as written in the curriculum. We strongly recommend that our graduates attend additional training, but we cannot mandate it.

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