Survival Rifle-Shooting Techniques: Operating a Rifle With One Hand

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I’m an avid believer in practicing skills that might be considered extreme, such as one-handed survival shooting skills. With all the high-quality training available today, it’s common to find instructors teaching one-handed manipulations with a handgun. But one-handed manipulations with a rifle are an often-overlooked skill that should be addressed, especially for those who may only be armed with that weapon. Back in my Marine Corps days, the only weapon a private through Staff NCO was issued was a rifle. Transitioning to a handgun during a fight was not an option because we didn’t have them!

Even these days, I run across members of the U.S. Military who might only be issued a rifle, or even more commonly, may choose not to carry a handgun on an operation for some particular reason. And how about the civilian gun owner who chooses to grab a rifle to defend his property? He certainly might need to know how to manipulate his rifle with one hand.


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