Rifle Training Solutions in Low-Light Environments

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Last night, I spent three hours shooting in the dark. The goals: to shoot test my new JP-15LE rifle, test my low-light mounting solution (a SureFire X300 mounted at twelve o’clock on the top rail) and get some trigger time in complete darkness. To say I learned some valuable lessons from conducting this session would be an understatement. I am not new to low-light shooting, and I teach the low-light block with a handgun regularly. I also spend about one night per month shooting with my rifle in low-light conditions, but this particular training session came after a longer break than I like. I believe strongly that regular training is the only way to stay sharp. As an instructor, I am continually evaluating techniques and always attempting to expand my own skills and abilities. I train every week year-round with all three systems I use regularly: the shotgun, rifle, and handgun.

For this particular session, I shot my JP-15LE, JP Rifles’ law enforcement/military model in their high-performance rifle line. The JP-15LE is designed to be the premium rifle at a lower price point, meaning JP quality at an affordable price. (One unique thing about JP Rifles is that they offer a program where an officer will be sent a loaner gun if he uses his JP in the line of duty and it is confiscated as evidence!) The gun I have is a 16-inch version with pretty much all the stock parts JP puts on the rifle. In addition, I added my SureFire X300 to the top rail, as well as some backup sights, a sling system, and a B.A.D. Lever, all made by Magpul.


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