Family Defensive Strategies: For the Armed Individual

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I write this in the wake of numerous active-shooter incidents, including the Colorado movie theater shooting that killed 12 and injured 58, and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut that killed 27. It sickens me to think of such things, and saddens me that the loss of life could have been prevented by one well-trained armed individual who was not among the crowd. This article addresses tactics and techniques that will serve the armed person during a situation where they may have to use their gun while with friends or family members.

Many of you who read this have already taken the responsibility of arming yourself for self-defense purposes. Most of you probably train routinely. Most of you know how to shoot pretty well, and have likely refined your techniques to the point where you could use them if necessary. The question is, how many of you have practiced with the family members you may be defending? How many of you have addressed the other side of the coin, such as what you expect your significant other to do during an attack? Do your kids know you are regularly armed and if so, have you ever taught them their roles in a life-or-death situation where gunfire may occur? If you have no answers to these questions, then this article will hopefully guide you to setting yourself and your family (or friends) up for success if the nightmare like the one in Colorado ever occurs where you are.


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