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Well I have finally taken the step to secure my first suppressor. Some of you might be surprised to hear that, since I am a guy who has been a full time instructor teaching, writing about, and interacting in the firearms industry for about 14 years now. Well, the bottom line is that I have never been one that spends his time buying and using things that I felt had no use. The truth is a suppressor on a home defense rifle had not really appealed or stood out to me in past years, simply (and honestly) because I had limited my thought process a bit. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have always loved shooting suppressed guns, and truly thought they had the cool factor…but when it came down to spending the money and time to get one, I always shied away. I considered them similar to having a fully automatic firearm…nice and lots of fun, but not necessary in my personal line up of firearms. I preach spending money on ammunition and training!!
Ok- so why the change? A combination of factors: 1. exposure and considerable amounts of training with the military who use suppressors to reduce the damage to their working dog ears and teammates who might be near their muzzles (among other specific advantages not discussed here), and 2. repeated exposure and training sessions in a shoot-house that continually demonstrated to me the incredible noise/gas pressure one would experience when shooting in confined areas. The bottom line is that if I used my personal 14″ JP rifle in a defensive situation inside my house, I might be effective with it but would completely limit my ability to hear any additional threats, or to communicate to my family members, and while survival is my primary purpose…I want my 8 year old to be able to hear afterward! The problem can be completely solved with the use of a reliable suppressor.
So I took the time to work with Cody at Templar Tactical and ordered their Nemesis30 for a test run on my 14 and 16 inch JP rifles.
Once I get it, I will shoot it until it either proves itself to me or fails….either of which I will post here!
More to come……

Until Then- Train Hard!
Mike S.

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