Part 2- of Shooting Moving Targets

If you remember Part 1 of this article I covered general principles of all types of activator targets, and how to shoot swingers.  This article will cover sliders and bobbers.  (taken from Your Competition Handgun Training Program) Speed How fast does the target move?  This will determine if we have … Continue reading

Steel Challenge (world speed shooting championships) Training Tips

Take from Your Competition Handgun Training Program (cross training section)- Steel Challenge – The Steel Challenge (SC) is the world speed shooting championship normally held in California.  This is an all steel match with 7 stages and 5 targets on each stage, all consisting of round or rectangle steel plates … Continue reading

Competition Stage Breakdown

Taken from Your Competition Handgun Training Program (edited)- Stage Breakdown – Planning to shoot a stage is often a critical part of performing well in a match.  Below you will find a flow chart that outlines how I go about breaking down a stage and planning to shoot it, and … Continue reading