Part 2- of Shooting Moving Targets

If you remember Part 1 of this article I covered general principles of all types of activator targets, and how to shoot swingers.  This article will cover sliders and bobbers.  (taken from Your Competition Handgun Training Program) Speed How fast does the target move?  This will determine if we have … Continue reading

One Handed Recoil Control and Gripping Methods

One Handed Recoil Control and Gripping Methods – One Handed Grip – The grip changes slightly when engaging with one hand, as there is no longer a support hand to minimize and control recoil.  Generally, the support hand is described as the “gripping hand” as it usually does a higher … Continue reading

10-Sesson Approach to Training Prioritization

Reprinted:  Ten Sessions- Your Solution to Training Prioritization  I got an email from Mike Hughes the other day (owner of Next Level Training, and the SIRT pistol design and he attached a spreadsheet of his weekly priorities for training.  It intrigued me because he approaches training much like I do, … Continue reading