Repost (for beginners)- How to Shoot a Rifle

How to Shoot a Rifle Originally posted by BRETT MCKAY on MAY 13, 2011  on the website  in GUN SKILLS & SAFETY, MANLY SKILLS, TACTICAL SKILLS From some men, learning how to properly and safely fire a rifle is a skill they picked up when they were just knee high to a grasshopper. These … Continue reading

Book: Your Defensive Handgun Training Program

Another great performance enhancing product from Shooting-Performance (, “Your Defensive Handgun Training Program” is the cutting edge functional training program for developing skills needed to survive a high stress encounter. While there are dozens of tactical handgun books out there with great material on technique alone, most do not address … Continue reading

Competitive Shooting Cross Training (using other sports to increase usable skill)

Take from Your Competition Handgun Training Program– Using other shooting sports to cross-train – The “program” was designed to greatly increase your skill level for shooting practical type competitions such as IDPA and USPSA, but the shooting skills that you will gain are certainly usable across the board.  One thing … Continue reading