Repost (for beginners): A Primer on the Shotgun

A Primer on the Shotgun Originally posted by BRETT MCKAY on JUNE 6, 2012  on in GUN SKILLS & SAFETY, MANLY SKILLS, SURVIVAL, TACTICAL SKILLS Recently I’ve had the itch to buy a shotgun. It started after I read Creek’s post on how to build a survival shotgun. The itch only grew stronger after I became … Continue reading

Repost (for beginners)- How to Shoot a Rifle

How to Shoot a Rifle Originally posted by BRETT MCKAY on MAY 13, 2011  on the website  in GUN SKILLS & SAFETY, MANLY SKILLS, TACTICAL SKILLS From some men, learning how to properly and safely fire a rifle is a skill they picked up when they were just knee high to a grasshopper. These … Continue reading