Erik Lund wins Heavy Optics Division at U.S. Carbine Association’s National Championship.

  • Sumo

Lund: “I was fortunate enough to bring home a win in the Heavy Optics Division at the very first U.S. Carbine Association’s National Championship. It was a tough match with some new rules that really forced the shooters to focus on exactly what they were doing. It used a new, very stringent scoring system that brought some accountability and accuracy back to the shooting sports. Every major match has rookie season issues and this match was no different but the USCA crew learned a lot at this match and are very dedicated to their organization. It will only get better next year and I’m looking forward to defending my title! Thanks Mac, Brian, Mark, and the rest of their crew for all the hard work. Good job guys! The win was a great way to finish a very long shooting season and I’m looking forward to some quit down time before the 2014 SHOT show.

I’d like to thank all the sponsor’s that supported me throughout this season and offer up a big thank you to FNH-USA, Leupold Optics, Magpul, Federal Ammunition, Vertx Clothing, Under Armour, MAC Tools, Chris Paty of CPWSA, Surefire, SJC Titan Comps, and Accurate Ordnance for turning ordinary rifles into extraodinary works of beauty and precision.

I’d also like to thank all my FNH Teammates for making those long days away from home and family a little more bearable and for my wonderful fiancee for making the trip home that much sweeter.

It’s time to unplug from the circuit, crank up the firepit, pour some good bourbon, and enjoy family and the holidays.”

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