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While shooting the IDPA Back Up Gun National Championship recently I had the pleasure of being squadded with Scott Folk. While I couldn’t help but notice what a good shooter Scott was immediately, what I did not realize was that he is also co-founder of Apex Tactical (www.apextactical.com), one of the leaders in M&P trigger enhancement products and a variety of other useful items.


Scott showing me the difference between the stock sear and Apex sear.

Scott took the time to show me the difference between the stock M&P mechanisms and the upgraded parts offered by Apex.  Apex has a full kit that is drop in without modification (95% of the time) called the Duty/Carry Action Enhanced Kit (DCAEK) that would be suitable for defensive carry guns.

Apex Trigger Kit

Apex Trigger Kit



Apex is a 100% designed and made in the USA company, and is focused on quality and customer service.




One really neat product Scott demonstrated was the Apex Tactical gunsmithing block. Admittedly just a day before I had found myself banging away on a gun on my workbench wishing I had some sort of device that held the gun while pushing pins in and out, etc. Scott and Apex have just that!! Their gunsmithing block has adjustable bosses and raised walls that accommodates

Apex Tactical Gunsmithing Block

Apex Tactical Gunsmithing Block

both the M&P and glock. Scott demonstrated its use as well as a second piece that would serve to raise the gun off the work bench slightly. The product offers many more features than I can describe in this short blog.. I HIGHLY recommend you check it out!!

It was great meeting Scott and getting to know more about Apex, and if you are an M&P shooter you will certainly want to check their products out!

Until Then – Train Hard
Mike S.

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