Trauma Management For The Armed Citizen

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Trauma Management For The Armed Citizen/Interview: Bill Lewitt 

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Show #12

Interview with Bill Lewitt, Bill is a Critical Care Paramedic-RN and a 15 year veteran of Emergency Medical Services. Bill received his Paramedic training at the University of Texas Health Sciences Center – San Antonio and has provided services caring for the acutely ill and injured in both rural and urban settings. In 2001 Bill began teaching his Tactical First Aid curriculum at the SIGARMS Academy in Epping, NH. During his 4 years at the Academy he developed and instructed many classes, including Defensive Tactics, Knife/Counter-Knife, Weapon Retention and Disarming, Flight Crew Safety, Impact Weapons, and trained with all variants of the SIG 550 assault rifle and SIG pistols. Bill has conducted training for groups as diverse as under-cover detectives, the US Air Marshalls, Japanese Defense Forces, and most of the units from USSOCOM. In 2003 Bill was featured in SWAT Magazine and presented at the Mass Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and Armorers Association instructor development program. Since 2006 Bill has been a featured trainer in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine. In the summer of 2010 Bill presented at the Warrior Conference in Reno, NV. He currently consults as a subject matter expert in Operational Medicine for the Tactical Development Group.

Bill received his CCEMT-P advanced Paramedic training through the University of Maryland Baltimore County, completing 450 hours of clinical training in Critical Care Transport medicine and was cleared for Independent Duty with the Northeast Mobile Critical Care Transport team. Bills training for MCCT included regular visits to the STRATUS medical simulation lab at Brigham and Womens Hospital where he learned procedures including chest tubes, surgical airways, suturing, Rapid Sequence Induction, and attended Grand Round with the Vice Chair of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Richard Zane. His training has included dozens of hours of physician level continuing education programs through American Society of Critical Care Medicine, the Ameican College of Surgeons, and advanced airway maintenance with Dr. Ron Walls, Chair of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Womens Hospital. Bill is American Heart Association Training Center Faculty and an instructor in CPR, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, and Pediatric Advanced Life Support and in 2009 completed his degree in Nursing.

  • Discussion with Bill about trauma managment and history of life saving techniques leared on the battlefield.
  • IFAK (Individual First Aid Kits) selection, set up, and key items you need in yours.
  • Tourniquet types and recommendations.
  • A candid discussion on clotting (hemostatic agents).
  • Airway obstructions and testing the need for opening one!
  • And much more!

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