Class Spotlight: Your Defensive Handgun Training Program Level 1

Course Description:  This course is a piece of my total training system that reinforces the techniques covered in my book Your Defensive Handgun Training Program.   The program will take your shooting to the next level.  The program consisting of this class, the book, training DVD’s (Defensive Handgun Training Skills and Drills Volume … Continue reading

One Handed Recoil Control and Gripping Methods

One Handed Recoil Control and Gripping Methods – One Handed Grip – The grip changes slightly when engaging with one hand, as there is no longer a support hand to minimize and control recoil.  Generally, the support hand is described as the “gripping hand” as it usually does a higher … Continue reading

The Tactical Wire: Mike Seeklander Wins Pistol Title At S&W IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Despite wearing a wireless microphone and having a video camera in his face for most of the match, Team Armscor’s Mike Seeklander captured the Pistol division title at the inaugural Smith & Wesson IDPA Back Up Gun Nationals. Seeklander, who was taping a future episode of the … Continue reading