One on One Conversation With Eric Grauffel – One Of The Best Shooters In The World

Greetings folks!   One of the things that I always like to do is to analyze what the best of the best are doing in their practice and skill development so that us mere mortals can hope to replicate those concepts and apply them in our own training.   This article is … Continue reading

The Differences (and Similarities) Between Training to Fight and Training to Compete

This request comes directly from Todd L. Green, a friend of mine for years who is an incredible shooter, instructor, and keenly analytical individual that always looks at shooting related training in a unique manner.  So in this post I will explore the difference, as well as the unique similarities … Continue reading

How do you objectively analyze your match performances for guaranteed improvement?

If you’re sick of the voodoo surrounding you match performances and difficulty of figuring out how to better connect your training sessions with matches, then this blog is for you.   Trust me, I get you.   You train hard, dedicate your hard earned $$ and time to buying components … Continue reading