Using The R.E.A.P. Test To Pick A Good Carry Gun

Take from Your Defensive Handgun Training Program (book)- Key Considerations in Selecting a Firearm – When selecting a gun for defensive purposes, I use what I call the R.E.A.P. test.  This acronym stands for: reliability, ergonomics, accuracy and power.  For me, reliability is number one, because in a gunfight, as … Continue reading

Rock Island Armory Tact 2011 A2 Review

Greetings!  So I finally made it to the range to put my Rock Island Armory Tact 2011 A2 to the test.   This gun is a wide body (high capacity) gun in .40 and is a semi-custom gun built for me to use in the Limited class in USPSA matches … Continue reading

Rock Island Armory 1911’s/2011’s

Guns, guns, and more guns!  I finally have my hands on all of the 19/2011’s made by Rock Island Armory that I want to test and write about. This blog will be an introduction to the guns, and I will test each and post about them in future articles.  First, … Continue reading