Survival Shooting Techniques: Why Train With One Hand?

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What is the real reason we should train to use only one hand to manipulate and shoot the firearm?

Lots of people might say, “Because it is common to get shot in one of your extremities and lose the use of one hand.” While I agree, and the statistics confirm this to an extent, over the years I have witnessed some other factors that force us to use one hand, and some of these factors might change the way we look at and select techniques for one-hand-only operation. Depending on the reason we are manipulating the handgun with one hand, we might also realize very quickly that some techniques are good for certain situations, and others are basically useless. One-handed survival training is a must have in your defensive handgun training program, and for you rifle operators, I suggest you entertain the idea of handling your rifle with one arm only too!

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