Self-Defense Checklist

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Are you shocked to find firearms-related training last on the list? How can this be, coming from Mike Seeklander, the guy who promotes, teaches, and constantly tells you to train harder on the range? The simple answer is that there is much more to self-defense than just training to use a firearm. While that aspect is critically important, consider the likelihood of having to use your handgun to defend yourself versus the chance that you might have to perform a lifesaving first-aid technique such as CPR or the Heimlich (choking victim) Maneuver on a loved one. Imagine being well trained with your carry gun and having the ability to fend off any attacker only to have your child die because you did not have the first-aid skills to save them! The second item on the list is fitness. Why? Simply because being physically fit will aid you in a fight … and even more importantly, heart disease is one of the number one killers in the U.S. Open your mind and consider that defending yourself means more than just getting a carry permit and going armed.

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