Defensive Handgun Skills Test

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Owners of my book Your Defensive Handgun Training Program are guided to complete the training program and use the Shooting-Performance skills test to measure their baseline skill in order to track their improvements.
Defensive HG BookWhile you may not be using my full program, it is still highly recommended that you test your skill objectively from time to time to measure your training (practice) programs success….or in some cases failure.
Since I like a challenge, as do you I’m sure, I am going to post the skills test in this blog, and throw out a challenge! Take my 60 day skills improvement challenge and I will award the winner the choice of any book /DVD combination I sell, as well as a free t-shirt. The challenge is simple. You have to take the test fairly and objectively and note the date and score. Then train hard for 60 days working on increasing your skill level and at the end of the 60 day window, take the test again. Most improved will win! (and I will post your name on my Facebook page and website!)

Good luck!
S-P Handgun Skills Test

Until Then- Train Hard!
Mike S.

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