Controlling Your Rifle

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Do you control your rifle? More specifically, can you shoot it accurately, yet very fast, at distances of 25 yards or more? This article focuses on a high-performance stance/mount system that will ensure you can not only shoot accurately with your rifle, but also get it on target quickly and shoot with superior speed. Once you have made the decision to use deadly force, the faster you can neutralize the threat, and the more you increase your chances of survival. This means that you will need to get the first hit as fast as possible, and follow-up hits even faster.

Use of a rifle for self-defense or as a superior weapon is more and more common these days, with the ease of getting a great M4 system and all the accessories one could possibly want. With these accessories comes the downside of relying on a gadget to improve performance, rather than spending time on training and money on ammunition.


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