Combative Applications of Competitive Techniques, Part 2

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In part 1 of this article, I tried to draw correlations between two areas (combative and competitive) in each of the five critical skill sets. My purpose was to outline how techniques used in either area relate, and more importantly how to train them. In this part, I will get into the weeds and discuss training concepts for each skill set. As a refresher of the skill sets, and to review the relationship we drew between each skill, you might want to review the table in part 1, and then read on so we can discuss specific training issues.

Now let’s talk about training each of the skill sets. When we talk about doing any sort of training, it is very important to remember that “correct design and perfect execution” of training sessions is the only true way to performance on demand. What does this mean? It emphasizes the critical importance of taking the time to make sure a training program or drill is properly designed for the exact purpose we want it to be, and that after the program is designed, we execute our training sessions with as much perfection as possible. These two simple steps will ensure that we don’t train “wrong” skills right or train “right” skills wrong. Either case will result in our learning (subconsciously ingraining) a technique improperly. And we can only expect ourselves to perform that technique incorrectly when we are forced to execute it under stress!

Let’s break down each skill set and list its training concepts.


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