Extend Prep and Press/Alternating Target Area

From: Your Defensive Handgun Training Program this drill is one of my favorite drills and one that is vastly under appreciated in many ways.   I think that it should be done almost every practice session, and the drill is truly the “rubber meets the road” drill in terms of focusing … Continue reading

Competitive Shooting Cross Training (using other sports to increase usable skill)

Take from Your Competition Handgun Training Program– Using other shooting sports to cross-train – The “program” was designed to greatly increase your skill level for shooting practical type competitions such as IDPA and USPSA, but the shooting skills that you will gain are certainly usable across the board.  One thing … Continue reading

Part 1 of Shooting Moving Targets (swingers, sliders, bobbers)

This blog [material taken from Your Competition Handgun Training Program (book)] will be a three part blog covering: Principles of shooting moving targets, and specific techniques for swingers Shooting sliders and bobbers Shooting Clamshells and drop turners Principles of all activator type targets – They are designed to distract the … Continue reading