Hardcore Hardware Knife, Brous Blades Folder, The “Keeper” holster, Janich special project, Vertx EDC pack, Klarus XT 2C light

Video log # 2! In this video I discuss some great gear including the Vertx pack I carry exclusively when I am looking for an off body solution while dressed in relaxed/athletic gear, a new appendix holster that is one of the best designed holsters I have seen, an incredible … Continue reading

JP Tactical “Pistol,” Viridian Light/Laser Combo, Streamlight TLR Light Laser, Henning “Battlehook”

Hey all–  thought I would do a quick Vlog today and showcase a few products I have for testing.  Also some tips and thoughts on short “rifles” (actually a pistol), laser/light combinations, rear sight hooks, etc.   Thanks for watching and please, please, please let me know if this of … Continue reading

Push Till The Wheels Fall Off!

Push Till the Wheels Fall Off!- (taken from The Art of Instruction – Your Guide to Instructional Excellence) This material was taken from my book written for instructors, but the “failure point cycle” concept is a critical thing to understand when trying to push yourself to the next level!!  For … Continue reading