Nine (9) Things New Shooters Need to Know About Competition

Nine Things New Shooters Need to Know About Competition My passion began for competing in high school where I had the opportunity to join the rifle team and was introduced into small bore and high power competition. Years later, after some competitive shooting in the Marine Corps, I found my … Continue reading

Mental Toughness 101 – Thoughts on Improving the Mind

Partial material taken from Y.C.H.T.P. General Discussion/Introduction: “Theory of a Miss” – Some time ago, while trying to figure out why I was making mistakes, while knowingly making them (observing the mistake happen yet not being able to stop it), I developed a theory called “theory of a miss” Theory … Continue reading

One on One Conversation With Eric Grauffel – One Of The Best Shooters In The World

Greetings folks!   One of the things that I always like to do is to analyze what the best of the best are doing in their practice and skill development so that us mere mortals can hope to replicate those concepts and apply them in our own training.   This article is … Continue reading