Hardcore Hardware Knife, Brous Blades Folder, The “Keeper” holster, Janich special project, Vertx EDC pack, Klaus XT 2C light

  • Sumo

Video log # 2! In this video I discuss some great gear including the Vertx pack I carry exclusively when I am looking for an off body solution while dressed in relaxed/athletic gear, a new appendix holster that is one of the best designed holsters I have seen, an incredible knife made by a company in Australia that is one of the toughest survival/combat types knives you will find on the market, an incredible custom folder that is a must see, and a really well designed tactical light with a surprise feature!

Links to products:
1. Vertx EDC “Commuter Sling” Backpack: https://www.wearvertx.com/edc-commuter-bag.aspx
2. Klarus XT2C Light: http://www.klaruslight.com/plist_show.php?id=50&lge=en
3. Brous Blades “Division” Folding Knife: http://brousblades.com/midtech-folders/division
4. Hardcore Hardware MFK02-GEN II Utility Knife: http://www.hardcorehardware.com.au/hardware/mfk02-gen-2.php
5. Keepers Concealment “Errand” Appendix Carry Holster: http://keepersconcealment.com/product/the-errand/
6. Safariland Model 27-179 IWB holster: http://www.safariland.com/inside-waistband/model-27-inside-the-pants-concealment-holster-10990.html
7. 2Aathletics Shirt and Patches (numerous really cool designs): http://www.2aathletics.com

More articles, reviews, and free stuff: http://blog.shooting-performance.com

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