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[cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”#47AFFF”]Want to train for free[/cryout-button-color]?   Host a class at a range near you and your training slot is free!  I am scheduling

Also scheduling Instructor Developement classes for 2015!  Check out the S-P website for more information.

Also scheduling Instructor Developement classes for 2015! Check out the S-P website for more information.

classes for 2015 now and will release the final schedule in November, so read on if you want to take your skills to the next level!

How do I host a course?

Answer: Hosting a course is easy. Once you have decided to host a class, you will be sent a checklist tofollow. First you might consider browsing the Defensive, Competitive, or Specialty classes on the website to see which one you might be interested in.   Then, your responsibilities are:

  • YOU MUST Fill out the hosting request form (for tracking and scheduling purposes): Request a Class
  • Find a local range that would allow a host course.
  • Coordinate for all range logistics, including target supplies. TheMTB Checklist.pdf will guide you through your responsibilities. Please call Mike (918-978-0736) with any questions.
  • Help market and promote the class to your friends.
  • Ensure that potential students know how to sign up for the class.
  • Provide administrative support for the class (only when needed).
I have taught courses all over the U.S., including Alaska!   Consider hosting a course near you!

I have taught courses all over the U.S., including Alaska! Consider hosting a course near you!

What is the class price for a hosted course?

Answer: All two-day courses (in the U.S.) are $395 per person, and the students will also be required to pay range fees or be a member of the host range at times. The price includes a discount code for the class manual and DVD’s if the student desires to purchase them.

What is the class minimum/maximum size?

Answer: I will travel to your location for a minimum of 10 paying students (in some rare cases 8), and will allow up to 16 (some exceptions) into the class for basic classes.

How do I find a range to host the course?

2013 Seeklander Handgun Carbine 070

Host a handgun, rifle, shotgun or specialty course at your location and train for free!

Answer: Most potential hosts are already members of a local range somewhere, but if not you can find ranges by using google or any search engine on a computer. Ranges might also be listed in the yellow pages or phone book. Range requirements for most Shooting-Performance courses are very simple and almost any range with an adequate and safe backstop will work. Mike Seeklander and any supporting instructor for Shooting-Performance has a full instructor liability insurance policy, and is a federally certified instructor, documentation can be provided if necessary.

What are the benefits to hosting a course?

Answer: Free training! If you want to take a class, and help host the course, your slot if free!

What are my duties as the course host?

Answer: Host duties are pretty simple, as listed in MTB Checklist you will be sent when you take on the responsibility of a course host. Here is the short list-

  • Provide Class Description and Market/Fill The Class (it is the responsibility of the coordinator to help fill the class): Class descriptions, as well as other information can be found on the S-P website here: Classes.
  • Ensure Pre-Requisites Are Met: Each student must meet certain pre-requisites.
  • Facilitate timely sign up and payment: All payments will be taken by Shooting-Performance but you will be responsible for ensureing students sign up in a timely manner.Note: Range fees are the responsibility of the students, not Shooting-Performance. Class coordinator is responsible to help communicate this.
  • Reserve/Inspect/Coordinate Training Range and Supplies: As the class coordinator, all range and equipment arrangements will be handled by you. This includes reserving a classroom, range, targets, and props. The host group will provide targets and paint, but in certain cases expenses for targets and paint may be relayed to and reimbursed by Shooting-Performance if incurred.
  • Relay Information to Students, Such as Gear List: The class will require that the students bring what is on the gear list. The gear lists for each class can be found on the class description pages.

To host a class near you, please fill out this form: Request a Class or email Mike Seeklander! (

Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S. 

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