The Ultimate Defensive Rifle Training Program!

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New Book and Video series!
Introduction to Your Defensive Rifle Training Program (Book and Videos-DVD’s/Vimeo page)

The New Rifle book and video combination are finally on sale! For those of you that

Your Defensive Rifle Training Program available now!

Your Defensive Rifle Training Program available now!

have been following me, you know I have been working on a book and video package that is the most comprehensive and easy to follow training program ever developed. It’s finally done!   Here’s the deal, this program is step-by-step, easy to follow, basic enough for a new shooter, yet detailed enough for an experienced one.  I guarantee results, or your money back.  If you want to greatly improve, do this:

  1. Order the book (link above and below) **by the way check out the trailer above
  2. Order the DVD set (when ready in about a week) or download the Vimeo videos so you can actually take them to the range with you.
  3. Read the book (rifle set-up is included).
  4. Begin the training program (one-two sessions per week, simply follow along!)
  5. Rock your rifle with new and increased skill!

Your Defensive Rifle Training Program is a cutting edge functional training program for developing skills needed to survive a high stress encounter while using the superior weapon system (the rifle). While there are dozens of tactical rifle books out there with great material, most do not address the “how to train” questions.

Training drills alone do not address the complex needs of someone during a high stress encounter where lethal force might be needed, and this book contains an entire program dedicated to all aspects of training for a fight. Additionally, we walk you through rifle, set-up. I take you on a tour of the rifle as a weapons system. We discuss short barrel rifles (SBR’s), 14, 16, and 18 inch rifles and the different caliber offerings on the new AR platforms.  Also included is tips on the best rifle set-up from industry professionals, from the muzzle to the butt-stock you will learn what works and what doesn’t!

Addressed within this comprehensive book is:

  • Mental Preparation
  • Physical Preparation
  • Firearm Skill Development (dry fire and live fire drills)
  • Alternate Methods of Training
  • Low Light Techniques
  • Rifle Combatives and Retention Techniques
  • Close Quarters Techniques
  • The Training Design Cycle
  • High Performance Marksmanship and Manipulation Techniques.

In addition, this book provides a full step-by-step training program to tie it all together!

If you are one or the millions of rifle owners that have wondered how you should be spending your hard earned money on ammunition and precious time, then this book was written for you.

Order the book NOW!: Your Defensive Rifle Training Program

The DVD authoring process is a week out, so look for the DVD set soon! In the interim, a great solution is to download/view on Vimeo instead. This option allows you to read the material in the book and then take the drill to the range with you!  See the links below for information on that series.

Shooting-Performance Vimeo Page
For years I have gotten request for a functional way to take the training drills to the range, and now it exists! Vimeo is a great tool for those of you that want to be able to review the drills or a technique at the range, versus watching the DVD.

Enter Vimeo On Demand! Vimeo is a easy to use video player that will allow you to rent or download and watch videos on any smart device (phone, iPad, Computer, etc.). The load speeds are very fast and the videos are all viewable right on the range.
Currently we offer two full programs on Vimeo On Demand (please visit the links to download by purchasing or renting):
Defensive Handgun Skills and Drills
Defensive Rifle Skills and Drills

These new products will greatly enhance your skill!

Until Then – Train Hard!

Mike S. 

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5 Responses to The Ultimate Defensive Rifle Training Program!

  1. elimn8uGene says:

    Got my copy ordered…anticipating the dvd release 🙂

  2. snarky357 says:

    I missed the book deal but AR’s are pre-ban only now in CT. I closed a deal on a Mini-14 Sunday, which will have to do for now.

    • admin says:

      That will work just fine! Is the CT law a new one in the books?

      • Snarky357 says:

        April 4, 2013. Post Sandy Hook hysterics to protect us from ourselves. Somehow they missed Mini-14’s and Rimfire. They went back and banned a bunch of Rimfire stuff- threaded barrels, Ruger Chargers, ‘banana clips’. Round Two may be coming. Stay free!

  3. Hiii, We are Shooting Academy also provide Air rifle training in Gurgaon (India). Surely soon we will try your books for learn and guide our shooters, if found it useful then your videos and book will be high recommended to our shooters, Thanks for creating video and book guide for shooting.

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