Black Rifles! The Ultimate AR-15 Knowledge Dump!

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Show #10

  • Interview with John Paul, Owner of JP Tactical Rifles.
  • JP rifle company history.
  • Discussion with John about his thoughts on the AR system strengths.
  • Selecting a solid AR for home defense.
  • Short barrelled AR system pro’s and con’s.
  • Additional discussion and more!


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One Response to Black Rifles! The Ultimate AR-15 Knowledge Dump!

  1. Larry Locklear says:

    Enjoyed listening to questions and Hearing johns comments! I hear so much BS on the AR, I really enjoy listening to someone with engineering and physics education. Myself, I have invested time and money in JP products. After a long period of time I have a very high end AR. I feel that there are others out there that have quality, but only a few! Seeking, POF, Christensen, Wilson, that stand out in quaity and performance of products. I use JP, POF, Wilson, and seeking. It cost more, but you get what you pay for. Quality and performance!!! Thanks to all for making such fine products. Larry Locklear

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