The Concealed Carry Trap

By Mike Seeklander on March 29, 2011 A concealed carry class recently graduated at U.S. Shooting Academy (USSA) here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The 20 students were armed with the knowledge and legal right to apply for their permit and carry a gun. The scary news is that the state now labeled those individuals … Continue reading

Light Up The Night: Handgun Solutions in Low Light – Low light 101, including gear selection.

By Mike Seeklander on July 27, 2011 In the article Training Solutions in Low Light Environments, I addressed equipping and using a rifle in low-light environments. However, the vast majority of us will probably be armed with a handgun in situations where we need to defend ourselves. This article will address some of the … Continue reading

Getting the Gun Into the Fight

By Mike Seeklander on October 26, 2011 A fellow instructor and I were recently discussing techniques surrounding the draw process. The epicenter of the discussion was what position the support hand should be in during the draw process. The other instructor argued for the support hand to be in a higher, more “combative” … Continue reading