Survival Rifle-Shooting Techniques: Operating a Rifle With One Hand

By Mike Seeklander on September 28, 2011 I’m an avid believer in practicing skills that might be considered extreme, such as one-handed survival shooting skills. With all the high-quality training available today, it’s common to find instructors teaching one-handed manipulations with a handgun. But one-handed manipulations with a rifle are an often-overlooked skill … Continue reading

Fighting with a Shotgun

By Mike Seeklander on December 16, 2011 Shotguns are incredibly versatile weapons that can be used very successfully as self-defense tools. I am often asked about using a shotgun for home defense, probably due to the fact that the majority of the population owns one for hunting purposes. This article will address using … Continue reading

Survival Shooting Techniques: Why Train With One Hand?

By Mike Seeklander on September 15, 2010 What is the real reason we should train to use only one hand to manipulate and shoot the firearm? Lots of people might say, “Because it is common to get shot in one of your extremities and lose the use of one hand.” While I agree, … Continue reading